Comparing the Roman Empire to the United States

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, United States Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: November 27, 2013
One of the most remarkable civilizations to date has been the Roman Empire. It began around 500BC as the Roman Republic and would survive for about 2,000 years. The Empire went through various phases and peaked during the second century. It controlled a huge part of what are now Europe and even a part of Africa. In 476 CE the Roman Empire fell, however, the influence of the Roman culture still stayed for a long time after. Yet, what made the Roman civilization so great? In addition, how does it compare to the ‘super power’ of today, the United States of America?

Many key factors played a role in making Rome the super power that it was. One of the major factors was the geographical location of the city, located roughly in the center of Europe. Rome had the world’s strongest military at the prime of its existence. This is another one of the reasons why the Roman Empire became so strong. The soldiers were very loyal to their country, extremely motivated and had a strong character. The United States also has the strongest military in the world and that is a reason why the US has become so strong today.

The Romans in general had a different mentality than any other culture before them. They were very loyal to the ruler, proud to be Roman, public-spirited and were very concerned about life around them, which is not so much the case with the people today. The Americans are also very proud to be American, some would say too proud but it is one of the reasons why America has become so great. The Americans are known to be extremely proud and patriotic.

Rome started out without a significant difference between the higher class and lower class people. Eventually, however, the higher class (Patricians) became greedier and began to exploit the small landowners and farmers and a big gap started to form between the lower class and higher-class people. Ultimately, this would be a contributing factor to the downfall of the Roman Empire. This is what is happening...
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