Comparing the Present Feelings After a Death in the Poems ‘on My First Sonne’ by Ben Jonson and ‘Anne Hathaway’ by Duffy

Topics: William Shakespeare, Poetry, Couplet Pages: 3 (1387 words) Published: March 4, 2011
Comparing the present feelings after a death in the poems ‘On my first Sonne’ by Ben Jonson and ‘Anne Hathaway’ by Duffy

The theme of the poem ‘On my first Sonne’, by Ben Jonson, is introduced through the title, where we are already informed that the poem will be about the poet’s first son. The poem begins with the word, ‘Farewell’, which leads us on to understand that this is a tragic goodbye that the poet is expressing. Jonson clearly is expressing his love and pride for his son when writing, ‘child of my right hand and joy’, which is a metaphor that refers to Jesus by mentioning ‘my right hand’, which symbolises how Jesus is God’s right hand, and conveys a father’s love and pride. This comes right after farewell, which denotes that his son was a part of him, and the time has come to say goodbye. Through the method in which Jonson has written this poem, we come to understand how important his son was to him and how much he meant. By beginning a line with, ‘Ben’, is as though Jonson is dedicating this piece to him even after his death. This explains that his son is all he had, he expresses this further through, ‘Jonson his best piece of poetrie’, which shows what his son was worth. Perhaps Ben was his only son, or his eldest son, since he began the poem by blaming himself as a father, ‘My sinne was too much hope of thee’, where he expected a lot out of his son and ends the poem with coming to terms with his death, ‘As what he loves may never like too much’. This is as though Jonson wraps up his feelings towards the death of his son, starting with blame, regret and hatred and ending with sorrow, peace and acceptance of the situation. The type of love expressed in this poem is the love between a father and son, it’s the strong bond of family, and the knot that ties the two together has been torn. Jonson outlines this through writing ‘O, could I loose all father,now.’, which indicates how he has lost the sense of fatherhood altogether now that his son has...
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