Comparing the Contenents of African and Asia

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In the period between 1800 – 1900, the continents of Asia and Africa experienced numerous new advances in their societies. The involvement that the continents had between other countries, such as the ones in Europe, brought upon many struggles. However, these interactions also created new opportunities that would further Asia and Africa’s pursuit of an advanced society. Although there are many differences between the continents of Asia and Africa, they both experienced similar struggles and went through analogous situations. The many similarities that the two continents shared defined the comparable events that occurred in both countries, while the differences sculpted the defined lines that made certain events specific to its continent. Both Africa and Asia are big continents that encompass a vast range of different cultures and peoples. This wide range of cultures and countries creates diverse and beautiful people, but it also was the cause for many disputes that prevented a united continent. For Africa and Asia, the 1800’s was a time for advancement and union between their countries. Asia

Since the beginning of the 1800’s was still a time of great dispersion within the countries of Asia, the events that occurred in each country were specific to that place. What happened in South East Asia varied tremendously from what occurred in the northern Asian countries. That was mainly due to interference from Europe and the history prior to the 1800s. South East Asia

In the period of the 19th century, South East Asia was under great influence and control from Britain, France, and Holland. The trading companies led to colonization, which greatly devastated the populations and economies of the southeastern countries. The countries of Cambodia, Malaysia, and Burma suffered the most from the powerful Europeans. Colonization was especially harsh in these countries because the Europeans believed that the people of Cambodia, Malaysia, and Burma were unfit for anything other than peasantry. Instead, European countries such as Britain, would appoint Chinese and Indian men for skilled jobs in these countries. The education barrier that was beginning to from also created a distinct divide on the economical and social differences of India and China between south Asia. The clear favoritism that was displayed during that period caused struggles between these Asian countries and the grudges that formed in the 19th century can still be pinpointed today.

The 1800’s was also a time that consisted of numerous power struggles. Europeans bickered about their property and the South Asian countries fought back the invaders. In 1799, the Dutch government took over parts of the Indonesian archipelago with a company called the Dutch East India Company. By the end of the 19th century, the Dutch East India Company had expanded its control and power into the remaining archipelago countries, including Sumatra and Bali. The Britain’s were just as equally powerful in their conquest. Starting in 1824, they began their struggle for control of Burma and it was not until 1886 that Britain finally had Burma as part of their Asian empire. From then, they gradually took over the island of Malaya, which is now the modern country of Malaysia. The French were not too far behind in their expeditions and they were able to take control of the modern day countries of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. These three countries latter became known as the French Indochina Union (1887). The only South Eastern Asian country that came out of the 19th century relatively unscathed was Thailand due to their strong influence over the local chiefs and the open trade that they had with the Europeans.

Even though the colonization of South East Asia by the Europeans caused great distress, it also greatly benefited the countries. The colonial dominance that the Southern Asian countries were put under helped documentation to be taken of their achievements. Photographs and records...
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