Comparing Nature Themes in Poetry

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Great Plains, United States Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: October 7, 2010
English Literature Assessment 2

Nature is a force of destruction and a source of comfort. This is depicted in two poems ‘The Flower Fed Buffaloes’ and ‘The Grasshopper and the Cricket’. These two poems are perfect examples of this statement. The Flower Fed Buffaloes shows how nature can be destroyed and The Grasshopper and the Cricket shows how nature can be relaxing and serene. The Flower Fed Buffaloes focuses on how nature has changed over the years and how biodiversity has been depleted by industrialisation. The poem shows how the Great Plains of America was 200 years ago as opposed to today. “The tossing, blooming, perfumed grass is swept away by the wheat.” This shows that the grass was one of the many beauties of nature and was blown away by a dry substance such as wheat and this could be a metaphor for destruction, basically something so beautiful ruined by God’s creations over time. Buffaloes would be plentiful and they would roam free and Native American tribes like the Blackfeet and the Pawnee still existed. Now though, in the present day, the plains are empty and all the prairie flowers have died out to be replaced by wheat and dry grass. Basically, the land is not what it used to be and all the nature and scenery there has been destroyed. The Grasshopper and the Cricket has a completely different aspect on nature. In this poem, nature seems laid back, relaxing, tranquil, and calm. “He rests at ease beneath some pleasant weed.” This illustrates a image of tranquillity and comfort as it explains he is not just at rest, but resting at ease. The animals of nature like the grasshopper live life without a care in the world. The nature and scenery described in this poem seems to be very soothing and relaxing and appeals to the senses. This contrasts with the baron lifeless plains in The Flower Fed Buffaloes. The atmosphere and mood in this poem supports the quote about nature being a source of comfort. In conclusion, nature is a...
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