Comparing Family Types

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Comparing Family Types
Two And A Half Men- "This is not going to end well"
This specific episode aired on CBS May 24, 2010. This type of family includes two brothers who are living together in a beach house, and they have a very loud house maid who seems to get into everyone 's business and almost sometimes does whatever she wants to. One of the men Alan Harper has a young son named Jake, who goes back and forth between his father and mothers house. When he is with his mother he has strict rules and a structure setting. When he is living with his father and uncle, Charlie Harper, and maid, his life is complete and udder chaos. Jake does not have a normal life, and is introduced to many inappropriate things that a young child like him should not be seeing at his age. For example, in this particular episode, Charlie gets his license suspended, and young Jake ends up having to be his driver. Jake is introduced to many things like women, drugs, and alcohol, and sometimes gets into some pretty bad trouble. I think that this child is definitely growing up in a messed up situation and may even end up having more problems when he gets older. The role models that Jake has to look up to in this sit-com show would be his normal mother who sets rules and guidelines for him. But then, he also has his father, Alan, who is a lot of the time influenced by his brother, Charlie, into doing a lot of bad things. This is not good for Jake, because then he sees his father being pressured, and his father gives in, and so then Jake could look at it as it 's ok to do it since his father did. His uncle, Charlie, is not a good role model at all, not even a little. Jake should not even be left with his uncle, because his uncle is living life easy everyday and has women around all the time. He is drinking a lot of the time, and is lazy and kind of a lacker. He does not show Jake how to act like a mature, responsible adult at all. They are a family though, because they do support one another,


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