Comparing Egypt and Mesopotamia

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Comparing Egypt and Mesopotamia
Dating back to 3,500 B.C. these two ancient cultures had many similarities and differences. These two ancient civilizations portrayed many similarities and differences in their cultures. The two similarities between Egyptian and Mesopotamian culture are religion and the practice in polytheism, and agriculture and the how Egypt and Mesopotamia relied greatly on rivers for their irrigation. The one major difference between Egyptian and Mesopotamian society is social class and rule affected by isolation.

The first similarity between ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia is religion and the practice of polytheism. Egypt had supreme gods such as Ra, Amon, and Osiris. Osiris, the god of the death and fertility, was married to Isis, the goddess of magic and love. Mesopotamian religion also had many gods and goddesses. One prominent goddess of love, war, and fertility is Ishtar. In both cultures, gods and goddesses were consistent throughout their society.

The second important similarity between Egypt and Mesopotamia is agriculture and how Egypt and Mesopotamia relied greatly on rivers for their irrigation. The Nile River was a key factor in the preservation of agriculture in Egyptian society. When the Nile would flood, it would later recede leaving behind a layer of silt full of nutrients needed severely for Egyptian farming. This was how a large amount of plants, vegetables and many other goods were produced. In Mesopotamia farmers also grew grains, fruits and vegetables. They also plowed grounds with stone hoes. Though the Mesopotamians did not depend on The Nile River, they depended on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The Tigris and Euphrates also left behind silt which made the soil fertile. Both civilizations also dug irrigation dikes to further better their crops. It makes sense that both civilizations depended on rivers for farming and irrigation due to the rivers nourishment to the soil. Though Mesopotamia and Egypt were similar...
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