Comparing Different Baseball Eras

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Comparing and Contrasting Baseball Players of Different
I believe that an individual cannot compare between baseball players of different Era’s. The reason why I say this is because the game has changed dramatically. Over the years American League has allowed designated hitters since 1973, while the National League hasn’t. A designated hitter is a batter who bats instead of the pitcher. In the 1960’s pitchers did not have relief pitching, so you basically threw until your arm fell off. It was also rare to see a pitcher throw a 100 mph. Now days you see a pitcher throw 100 mph fastballs, as well as relief pitcher warming up and throwing the same speed to help the starter pitcher get out of any problems they get into. In the 1960’s the mound height was set at 15 inches high, until 1968. That year, the baseball commissioner dropped the mound height to 10 inches. The height difference of a mound drastically changes how a pitcher throws. In the 1960’s more pitchers reached over 300 wins within their careers. In modern days it is rarely to see a pitcher throw over 300 wins. This effect is caused by the downward motion of the ball. For example, when the pitcher threw from a 15 inch mound it made it easier for the pitcher to throw and harder for the hitter to hit, due to the downward motion that the ball had traveled. When the mound dropped to 10 inches it made it more evenly match and fair for the hitter to hit.

The only person to get more than 300 wins in today’s era since the 1960’s was Randy Johnson on June 4, 2009. This was only because he was 6 feet 10 inches tall, talented, left hander, and he dropped his arm to a 9 o’clock position, which made it seem to the left handed batters he was throwing behind them. He also stood on the right side is the rubber of the mound to create a greater allusion, which has scared lefties even more.

Furthermore the reason why you cannot compare different baseball players from different era’s is because a few baseball players...
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