Comparing Commodities in India , China and Usa

Topics: Rice, Poultry, Cooking oil Pages: 13 (4053 words) Published: August 24, 2010
Economic Assignment 4

Name : Shreya Bhardwaj

Date : 10-08-2010

Question: Compare the price of commodity (chicken, cooking oil, rice) between China , India and USA.


• India

According to Times of india “NEW DELHI: The bird flu scare sent prices of poultry products plummeting by about 60 percent on Wednesday with the birds being sold for as low as Rs.12 per kg in the Gazipur wholesale market in east Delhi. 

While poultry products certified by administration-deputed veterinary doctors was being sold for Rs 20-25 at Gazipur, the uncertified supply being sold outside the range of vision of the vets was available for a mere Rs 12 per kg. 

"The sales have gone down drastically and we cannot return the chicken to farms therefore we are forced to sell them at cheaper prices," said Alam, who had parked two tempos carrying chickens at the fishery wing of Gazipur, the largest wholesale fish and poultry market in north India, to sell them illegally. 

Express India- New Delhi Wholesale chicken prices have increased by about 14 per cent in last one month to Rs 74 a kg on account of poor supply and are likely to rise further, market experts have said.

At present, dressed live weight broiler in the Ghazipur wholesale market costs Rs 74 a kg, which is about Rs 9 more than what it was last month, Fish Poultry & Egg Marketing Committee Chairman Babu Khan Salmani said. Salmani said that supply from Rajasthan, a major supplier, has decreased. In the retail market, prices of dressed live weight broiler have also jumped by Rs 20 over the last month to cost Rs 140 a kg at present. Poultry Federation of India spokesperson Ricky Thapar attributed the increase in prices of broiler to the rising mercury. "Farmers are going for less broiler as the intense heat has raised input prices. Housing of poultry has dropped by 30-40 per cent as cost of fans and installing sprinklers has gone up," he said. Thapar further said that wholesale prices of dressed live weight broiler could see a jump of about Rs 30 to cost up to Rs 110 a kg next month. Pointing out that shed temperature in a poultry farm should remain only between 30-34 degree Celsius, Thapar said that farmers' electricity cost is increasing. "Moreover, demand is not coming down, because of which realisation for farmers is high." Increasing demand :- Inspite of propaganda raised by organizations promoting vegeterianism and inspite of threat of salmonella and cholesterol, world poultry industry is expanding, as the population is increasing. Per capita consumption is also increasing. Not only that, many countries which are not traditionally poultry - growers are giving incentives to their poultry industry. Indian Government is also giving incentives to this industry by giving incentives to small poultry farmers as well as poultry industry in organized sector as poultry industry generates employment and also provides proteins to masses. Traditionally many poor people are raising poultry in their back yards. These rustic chickens and eggs fetch higher price in local market. There is a good market for such organic products in developed countries. They call it " free range birds ". • China

The China Post reports that “Consumers who like to go to large wholesale stores offering imported products for bargain prices were stunned by the skyrocketing chicken prices. Officials at the National Animal Industry Foundation (NAIF) said the price of imported chicken, mostly from the United States, went up by NT$1 or NT$2 per kilogram each month starting in January. The price has increased by almost 60 percent so far this year, from NT$23 per kg to NT$37. Consumers complained that the retail price for chicken drumsticks has gone up to NT$15 per piece from NT$10. Executives at large wholesale stores said the NT$10 price for drumsticks was only offered occasionally as a promotional price. NAIF officials attributed the sharp rise to the sustained increases in grain and oil...

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