Comparing Between Government and Private Education in Egypt

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What's the most flexible parasite known to mankind? I believe it is an idea. A single idea within the boundaries of the human mind can build cities. An idea can completely transform the world and rewrite all the rules. A single idea, in the right person’s head, could do wonders – an idea in the head of a scientist could convert into a lifesaving invention or discovery (such as electricity, sanitation); in the head of a nation leader it could provide the means for peaceful solutions rather than life-shattering decisions of war and gore; in an architect’s head it would mean the building of a world wonder like the Great Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge, the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall of China. Yet ideas are not suddenly generated in people’s minds out of nowhere – the sparkling seed of such incredible ideas, in fact, rooted in the education they receive for the better part of their lives. The topic will be comparing between private and government educations in Egypt, this particular topic were chosen because iam familiar with it and have a background, also it’s interested. In the following lines I will discuss what education, the foundation of education in Egypt, the deferent between education in past and now days. Although the central focus of this paper will be education in universities, still i will mention education in schools, because it’s a part of the education process. Also will discuss the education system in Egypt (basic, secondary, post-secondary, and Al Azhar), then the deferent between government and private schools and universities. The applied part will compare between Misr International University and Ain Shams University. Afterward, will mention the possible resolutions and at end the conclusion

II.What is education?
What is education? Cambridge university press defined education as “the process of teaching and learning in school or college, or the knowledge that you get from this “.Education had started in Ancient Egypt from thousands of years. Starting from age four, the kids go to schools were they used to learn arithmetic, chiefly reading, writing, sports, manors and morals. Afternoon the boys used to get to learn their dad’s job, while girls were trained by their mothers to be good wife and for the motherhood. Education in past and now days

Early in the 19th century higher schools were established by Mohammed Ali to prepare cadres for military. About fifty years later the Educational system (basic, secondary, and post-secondary) was spread by Ismail Pasha across Egypt. Schools were still not familiar and popular by that time, also there was shortage of teachers, some of the main reasons were low salaries, and better setting in other countries. In article African women in engineering and science, it was stated that in 1873 the first primary school for girls. In 1921 the first secondary school was open. In 1923, education became obligatory for males and females by law. Women started to join Cairo University in 1928. By the time Education has developed. it was state In the article “education” it’s stated that in 1975 primary school enrollments increased by 4.1 percent yearly, and the intermediate schools by 6.9 percent yearly, also in the same article it were declared that from 1951 till 1979 registration in public universities increased by 1400 percent .Now a day’s Egypt is recognized by its higher education worldwide, a lot of schools and well known universities are spread out all around Egypt. Also Egypt is well known for receiving a huge numbers of foreign students.

III.Education systems in Egypt
The education systems contain three stages, basic education, secondary education, and post secondary education. The basic education includes three levels, first two...
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