Comparing Ballistics of a .30-06 and .270

Topics: Bullet, Rifle, Firearm Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Comparing Ballistics of the .30-06 and .270

I have written this science research paper to compare ballistics of a .270 and a .30-06. This paper will also make my decision on which one I will purchase next. If I fire the .270 and the .30-06 rifles into a 2x4, then I will be able to determine from the ballistics which caliber rifle is better. For my experiment, I fired two rounds of ammunition into a 2x4 with each gun. Both rifles were fired at a range of 50 yards away, into the wind, while using 150 grain shells. The rounds for the .270 used soft tips, but the .30-06 used sharp tips.

The .30-06 is an extremely good rifle for most of the outdoor activities. The depth of this rifle is superb compared to the .270, mainly because it is of a higher caliber, and that means more power. The bullets can come from ranging anywhere from 110 grain to 220 grain, soft, regular (sharp), and hollow pointed shells. With 180 grain bullets, the .30-06 packs about 1300 ft./lbs. of energy at 400 yards. Although, at 400 yards the drop is almost 50 inches; most hunters prefer this one compared to other rifles because of its versatility and accuracy. The expansion is also good, depending on the type of shell tired-used. The kick and distance of the gun are considered to be wonderful because the kick is normal and the distance is better than normal.

The .270 rifle is a reasonably good rifle. This rifle is mainly used in open field shooting as opposed to in brush shooting. The depth and the expansion work together and turn out to be great, especially if soft pointed shells are used. The kick and the distance from the .270 rifle work relatively well as a whole. The

.270 is considered to be a fairly light gun. Even though the gun may be light its shells can push a 150 grain bullet to a range of about 3000 fps (foot pounds second), and 1200 ft/lbs. at 400 yards. The .270 is not preferred mainly because the higher the grain shell the more power...
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