Comparing Australian and Japanese Lifestyles

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Comparing Australian and Japanese lifestyles
Education system in Japan to Australia
The Japanese school and education system is very strong and one of the best in the world with 100% enrolment rate and only 2% high school dropout rate. The school system in set out in a 6-3-3-4 6 years in primary school, 3 years in junior or elementary, 3 years in high school and 4 years at University or collage. This school system is very different in Australia with school rates can be up to 17% with a far perfect enrolment percentage. The school system also sees us attending 7 years in primary school, 6 years in high school and around 4 years in University or tafe witch is offered to Australian students. Tafe is an alternate option to University you may attend tafe without your HSC. Japanese year goes from April to March it is a 3 term year and for holidays getting 6 weeks for summer and 2 weeks for a winter and spring break they arrange to have holiday breaks when most of the holidays are on like cherry blossom festival. But for elementary school who have 6 hour day with is one of the longest school days in the world, they also only get 6 week holidays in summer and 2 week holiday in winter and spring witch if always filled with homework. Australia school year ends in the middle of December and starts on the 1st of February. Having a 4 terms throughout with a 6 week- 7 week summer holiday and 2 week holidays in spring, winter and autumn. Japanese children find school to be a tough part of their life waking up early and coming home late with very little days off and lots of homework, working close to every hour of the day and making school there life. Because of the petite amount of teachers and stuff they cram 40-50 students in a class room making them have little time one on one with the teacher. Where Australians schools are much more free have little homework of the younger years, with holidays that are not filled with homework the school day is also shorter and ending...
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