Comparing Artworks of Marcel Duchamp & Andy Warhol

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Welcome to Art & Photography Subject (APS) 2

This module is taught through lectures, seminars and tutorials: the module is taught across Photographic Art, Photography for Fashion and Advertising and Fine Art. Lectures will be delivered by the teaching team along with appropriate experts from within the school research department and outside of the University. The teaching team is as follows:

Module Leader - Jayne Hall HYPERLINK ""

Teaching Team - Eileen Little
Ronnie Close
Liam Devlin
Richard Clegg
Jason Evans
Kieran Lyons
Alise Piebalga
Andreas Ruethi

Seminar leaders are contactable by e-mail



The module provides a range of frameworks and cases through which to understand the modern sense of self and its expression in Western visual art and media. The module provides a valuable foundation for future modules in which aspects of modern and post-modern visual art and culture are studied in more depth. It offers a broad map of the ideas characteristic of the experience of modernity and history in the West and how that experience has shaped the form and content of visual art and culture. This module will contribute to student’s ability to draw meaningful connections between the cultural and visual media of the twentieth century and those of today. All of this will be delivered through means and material appropriate to your individual program of study. Aims

The module aims:

to provide students with an understanding of the main currents and indicative cases of modernity in Western visual art and culture, c. 1950 to date; to develop an appreciation of how differing viewpoints and frameworks condition approaches to making and speaking about art and visual culture; to familiarise the student with basic research methods and modes of exposition appropriate to the study of artefacts and texts.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module the students will be able to:

identify and describe the main currents and key cases of modernity in Western visual art and media, c. 1950-2000; compare and contrast viewpoints and intellectual frameworks that inform approaches to the production and reception of modern art, photography and visual culture; demonstrate an ability to engage in a close reading of selected key texts in the history of modern culture; demonstrate though a critical commentary on artefacts how the experience of viewing art and media is informed theoretically.


There will be a series of sessions delivered by your Program team, and other relevant staff, which will be specific to your programme. These lectures will be supported by seminars, and may also be further supported by readers.

Assessment Requirements

The assessment of this module is 100% coursework. The coursework will consist of

(1) a research element (25%) and
(2) an essay of 2,500 words (75%)

Assessment Brief

Students are required to select two works or bodies of work by an artist, photographer, designer, architect or film-maker in the c20th. Students are required to produce an illustrated appropriately referenced essay that compares and contrasts the work. The analysis should consider the theoretical position adopted by the maker, along with the historical, theoretical, social or other relevant context of the works under scrutiny. Students are required to conduct the necessary theoretical research, in order to underpin this critical analysis of the chosen work.

Your essay...

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