Comparing and Contrasting Time Periods

Topics: Reason, Empiricism, Rationalism Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: March 1, 2010
Lauren Lambert-Aragon
Mrs. Sills
Advanced American Lit. Sem.1
February 21,2009

Comparing and Contrasting Time Periods Essay

Many years ago, there were the Puritans and Rationalist. Puritans wanted to return to the more simple form of worship and church organization. Rationalist were more philosophers and scientists. Between the puritans and the rationalists, they both believed in God, just in different ways. Both parties each brought something new to this land in their time here. As we know, the puritans came here from England. They did not believe that government should get in the way of their beliefs. The views of puritans tended to be undemocratic. The bible played a big part in their spiritual and public lives. God was a huge role in the lives of the puritans. The scientists and philosophers of this era were called rationalists. Rationalism is the belief that human beings can arrive at truth by using reason, rather than relying on authority of the past. They believed that God’s gift to humanity is reason; the ability to think in an ordered logical manner. Most rationalists believed in Deism. They were the self-made Americans. In both groups, the rationalists and puritans they both believed in God. They both has to face the small pox plague. Though they had different beliefs, they still had some sort of government. Both came to start a new life here in America. Even though they had their differences they were still alike. When people first started coming to this land, the puritans and rationalists came. The puritans were all about worship and church. Rationalists were more of the thinkers. Both puritans, and rationalists believed in some sort of God, just different ways. Either way, both brought new ideas and ways of life to this land.
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