Comparing and Contrasting Hitchcock and Spielberg

Topics: Alfred Hitchcock, Academy Award for Best Picture, Steven Spielberg Pages: 4 (1281 words) Published: March 9, 2008
The unblinking eye means so much for so many reasons to a person such as Steven Spielberg or Alfred Hitchcock. A continuous shot, completely uncut or edited, can bring a vision together and tell the viewer to not look away. With their ability to tell magnificent tales of suspense, drama and horror in over 100 films, Hitchcock and Spielberg are, and always will be the two most influential and prolific directors in history.

Hitchcock, otherwise known as the Master of Suspense, never saw himself as a part of that crazy, actor filled area Hollywood, California. He was born in 1899 in London, England. His first job at the age of nineteen was as an estimator for the Henley Telegraph Company, manufacturer of electric cables. In the evenings, he began studying art at the University of London, and after some time he was transferred to Henley's advertising department to design ads for cables. Hitch's interests in cinema led him to submit a portfolio of title designs for the silent films of Famous Players-Lasky. In 1922, he was assigned to direct a film entitled Number Thirteen, but because of money problems it was never completed.

The Pleasure Garden was to be produced in Germany and it was up to Hitchcock to direct the silent film which would be his official debut. He never made it on the scene until his late 30's or early 40's, directing films like, "The Lady Vanishes", Foreign Correspondent", "Suspicion" and "Rebecca".

Rebecca was his only movie that ever won the Academy Award for Best Picture… Hitchcock never won for Best Director. Later, in the 50's, came his more infamous films such as "Strangers On A Train", "Dial M For Murder", "Rear Window", "Vertigo" and "North By Northwest". These films made Hitchcock who he was and made him famous.

After the movie, North By Northwest, the Master of Suspense directed his masterpiece, Psycho. The one movie that most of the public know because of its staying power was released in 1960 and caught viewers off guard right...
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