Compare a Daughter’s Tribute to Her Mother in ‘Praise Song for My Mother’ with the Poem ‘Nettles’.

Topics: Poetry, Family, Stanza Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Compare a daughter’s tribute to her mother in ‘Praise song for my mother’ with the poem ‘Nettles’. ‘Praise song for my mother’ is about a daughter showing how much she loves her mother by writing her a praise song. There are very strong emotions in this poem and the mother meant a lot to the daughter “You were moon’s eye to me”. ‘Nettles’ is about a young boy who falls into a bed of nettles, the boy then goes to his father “seeking for comfort”, the father identifies the wounds and the son gets the comfort he was seeking. The father then sharpens his blade and cuts the nettles down in fury. Two weeks later the boy’s father realises that the nettles have grown back. In the poem ‘Praise song for my mother’ there is a noticeable relationship between a mother and a daughter. This is very specific because a mother and a daughter share a very special bond; furthermore it is extremely important as the daughter will follow the mother later on in her ways of life. Likewise with the father and son relationship with the poem ‘Nettles’ There are many feelings and emotions conveyed in both poems which represent themes. For example in the poem ‘Nettles’ there are many themes shown, such as anger, pain and fury; “slashed in fury”. But the poem also shows sympathy, love and comfort; “we soothed him”. The speaker was angry because his son was hurt however he still aired love towards his son. This is similar with ‘Praise song for my mother’. There is a lot of love and happiness revealed, the mother was everything towards the daughter, and this has definitely been conveyed “You were moon’s eye to me”. This is linked with the poem ‘Nettles’ as the relationship in both poems are between a mother/father and a daughter/son. In other words, both poems have that special bond and nothing can get between it. There are many different interpretations in the poem ‘Nettles’. For example, the first interpretation is that a boy falls into a bed of nettles and gets cuts and bruises. So, his...
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