Compare the ways in which the poet explores memories in the poems.

Topics: Poetry, Seamus Heaney, Quotation Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: March 8, 2014
Poetry itself is a spirit or an interpretation of life in terms of beauty through the medium of words. Poems of the poet Seamus Heaney reveal different kinds of emotions and memories. Comparing “Anahorish 1944” and “Rilke: After the fire”, the memories in the two poems interpret in two different ways by one poet. “Anahorish 1944” gives a vivid imagery of the soldiers from WW2. The speaker tells as a witness (as the quotation marks show at the beginning and end of the poem). This means that Heaney is quoting someone else’s word in his poem. Vivid imageries “killing pigs” and “sunlight and gutter-blood” in the very first two lines adopt the ironic juxtaposition to call up the senses. “Gloves and aprons” implies that there is blood on it and one must participate in the work in the slaughterhouse. “Sunburnt hands and arms” follow after the description of the lined-up unknown and unnamed soldiers. They are innocent, secret and organized. “Armoured cars and tanks and open jeeps” tells us how the soldiers went on Normandy. “Anahorish 1944” is good at capture vivid imageries in the military surroundings. The poem outlines the respect and admiration to the army, especially in the last two lines. “Where they were headed, standing there like youngsters/ As they tossed us gum and tubes of colored sweets.” Youngsters represent the slaughterhouse people. American soldiers have gained admiration and significant popularity among the people. Apart from the way of describing memories in “Anahorish 1944”, Heaney adopted another way of writing in another poem. ”Rilke: After the fire” is a depressing poem which has the similar topic as the poem “Anahorish 1944”. The conceit is of a man whose past has been destroyed overnight and is suddenly alienated from his environment. “Fire” kinds of suggests the war, disaster or great trouble in life. The personification at the very beginning “Early autumn morning hesitated, /Shying at newness…” gives us natural imagery at first. The structure...
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