Compare the Roles That Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams Play in ‘the Crucible.’

Topics: The Crucible, Salem witch trials, Elizabeth Proctor Pages: 3 (1165 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail William both heighten the tension of the witch trials in Salem; they are a contrast of each others character, and brawl for the desire for one mans love. Arthur Millers hysterical play, The Crucible, portrays the personalities of 2 exceptionally diverse women.

A mother, a wife, a friend: Abigail wanted to share a family with John Proctor. In some aspects she was jealous of Elizabeth, as she had the one thing in the world that Abigail desperately yearned for. “Oh, I marvel how such a strong man may let such a sickly wife be” We can see here that Abigail is being sarcastic to manipulate Proctor in falling for her. “Oh” shows she is taking a calm and subtle approach to get what she wants. Though Abigail is pretending to be angry at Elizabeth for being the cause of Proctors rejection towards her, we can clearly see that the empowering emotion over here is envy, towards Elizabeth and Proctors marriage. Abigail resorts to name calling to cast doubt in Proctors mind and she attempts to compliment Proctor to try and get a taste of everyday life as Elizabeth.

The Status’s and reputation’s of the people in Salem were shockingly important to them. Labels and stereotypes were incredibly common and the people tried their utmost best to protect their prominence. To the locals Abigail Williams was an innocent orphan and the niece of the reverend, other than this they did not think much of her. So when she went out of her way to accuse the respected people and it became public gossip about the truth of her affair, Abigail’s cherished esteem in the community was suddenly questioned. “(In a temper): My name is good in the village! I will not have it said my name is soiled! Goody Proctor is a gossiping liar!” Arthur Miller has used short sentences to show the reader that Abigail is extremely angry; this is a quote from act 1, therefore it gives the reader an impression of Abigail’s character. Miller wanted to show the true colours of Abigail’s...
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