Compare the Poem 'the Manhunt' and 'Quickdraw'

Topics: Last Chance Saloon, War, Poetry Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Both 'The Manhunt' and 'Quickdraw' are based on battle and war. 'The Manhunt'represents a soldiers battle of letting someone in and his memories of war where as 'Quickdraw' is describing a battle between a couple 'The Manhunt' has a more sinister mood and tone whereas Carol Ann Duffy's 'Quickdraw'gives a comical view on a struggling relationship. Armatages purpose for writing 'The Manhunt' was to allow the reader to see the affect of war not just physically but also mentally, we also see that it does not just affect the soldier but his loved ones around him. However, 'Quickdraw' uses the battle for love to create a literal battle. Both 'Manhunt' and 'Quickdraw' share the themes of war and vulnerability however in 'Manhunt' the situation is reality yet 'Quickdraw' plays on the idea of battle. The mood and tone of 'Manhunt' is vulnerability and fear to open up to his wife and to allow her to see his wounds yet 'Quickdraw'has a comical side to it, 'i wear the two mobile phone and the landline phone', Duffy uses the words she has to say as the weapon. Armatage uses imagery of war, such as 'parachute','bullet','unexploded mine'to illustrate the soldiers injuries and emotions. 'Only then' is repeated at the beginning of each stanza to represent the slow process that the wife has to take to be allowed into the soldiers thoughts and feelings armatage uses alliteration,'handle and hold' to emphasise just how much care he needs. He describes a bullet as a foetus 'of metal', this metaphor represents life and how war and violence can ruin and control a life.'tightened','sweating' and 'closed' all describe the soldiers fear and so he breaces himself and armatage ends with 'only then,did i come close' The reaser sees that this will take a long time and we see how war has not only ruined him physically but also mentally. In 'Quickdraw', images of war are also used,'you've wounded me'to show her upset . Metaphors are used 'Last chance saloon' to represent the opportunities...
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