Compare the Opportunities and Limitations That Elite Women Experienced Before 1500 in Two of the Following Regions: East Asia, Middle East, and Europe

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Prompt: Compare the opportunities and limitations that elite women experienced before 1500 in two of the following regions: East Asia, Middle East, and Europe. Elite women across the world had experienced different conditions before 1500. Some of the areas that differed were East Asia and Middle East. They have different opportunities, limitations, and their jobs. They also had some similarities in the same areas.

The women in East Asia had better opportunities than the women in Middle East when it came to the death of their husbands. In East Asia women could not remarry if their husbands divorced them or died, while in the Middle East women performed sati, which is when an elite widow threw herself on her husband’s funeral pyre. East Asia and the Middle East were similar on their opportunities too. In the Middle East, women were not permitted to do most things that could benefit them as in East Asia.

In East Asia, the women limitations were unreasonable. The women practiced foot binding which gave their husbands the ability to put their wives wherever they wanted them to be. Additionally in the Middle East they were forced to become servants and concubines when they attempted to higher their status. A difference was that wives of the Middle East was expected to observe stricter rules of fidelity and chastity than their husbands and could be abandoned for many serious breaches while in East Asia the only appalling thing they suffered was that a woman’s property automatically passed to her husband and that women with unbound feet was undesirable by men.

There were plenty of jobs for women in the Middle East. There were child rearing, food preparation, farm work, making clay pots, and making clothing while in East Asia women were asked to watch her husband’s land while he was away. Women in East Asia were mostly used to suit their husband’s needs, and so were women in the Middle East.

The conditions the Elite women had in East Asia and the Middle East...
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