Compare the 1911 Revolution and the May Fourth Movement in Terms of Their Nature and Impact.

Topics: Qing Dynasty, Republic of China, First Sino-Japanese War Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: January 11, 2012
The 1911 Revolution was an uprising initiated by the revolutionaries to overthrow the Qing Court, while the May Fourth Movement was anti-Japanese movement. In terms of their nature, they are quite similar; both of them are nationalistic, democratic, anti-government and anti-traditional. And in terms of their nature, both of them had made changes. They can be categorized into different aspects like politically, economically and intellectually.

Firstly, the 1911 Revolution and the May Fourth Movement are nationalistic in nature, even though their emphases are not the same. The 1911 Revolution was stressing on “Han Nationalism” while the latter stressed on anti-imperialism. For the 1911 Revolution, it emphasized on unifying the Hans and to expel the Manchus. It was because in the 19th century, the Qing Court showed its incapability in resisting foreign invasion. The Qing Court lost in every battle with foreigners, like the two Anglo-Chinese Wars, the Sino-Japanese War, etc. The Qing Court even signed numerous of unequal treaties with them. All these failure had intensified the discontentment of the Hans towards the alien rule. In the late 19th century, unsuccessful attempt, the Late Qing Reform had again disappointed the Hans, thus, doomed the outbreak of this anti-Qing revolution. For the May Fourth Movement, it was a nationalistic movement against imperialism. It was a movement involving students, teachers, workers and merchants. They were responding to the turning down of requests concerning the termination of equal treaties and the return of Shandong in the Paris Peace Conference. In the early 20th century, there was still foreign aggression, such as the Twenty-One Demands presented by Japan. In short, they wanted to stop foreign invasion in China, therefore, initiated such anti-imperialism movement.

Secondly, both of them are democratic. For the 1911 Revolution, revolutionaries did not only want to overthrow the autocratic Manchus, but also setting up a...
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