Compare Marouba and Kogarah

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Maroubra and Kogarah There are two suburbs in Suydney, Autralia. One of them is Maroubra, and the other is Kogarah. When you compare them, they have some common things and some differences in general. This report will compare and contrast the location, transport, people and housing of these two suburbs. The locations of both suburbs are similar. Maroubra and Kogarah have same distances from city ( 10km and 14km ) respectively and they have a small differences with regard to the kind of suburb. While Maroubra is a beach suburb, Kagarah is a residential suburb. The population of two suburbs differ greatly in size but there are some similar in their composition. Firsly, Maroubra has 26,500 people whereas Kogarah has only 10,900 people. Secondly, the largest age group is from 20 years to 39 years ( 33% and 31% ) respectively. Thirdly, in both suburbs, The percentage of indigenous people are similar ( 53% and 47% ) respectively. Although Maroubra has immigrants from United Kingdom and Indonesia, Kogarah has immigrants from China and Greece. The transport of both suburbs have a big difference. There isn’t a train station in Moroubra but there is a train station in Kogarah so it’s only 25 minutes from Kogarah to the city. However, They differ sightly percentage drive to work ( 55% and 45% ) respectively. The time is same for going to the city by bus in two suburbs. Finally, there are some similarities and differences with regard to the price of houses. The median house price is 1,050,000$ in Maroubra while the main house price is only 650,000$ in Kogarah. However, The median apartment price in two suburbs is equal ( 575,000$ and 420,000$ ). However, people don’t like using the apartments so the percentage of apartments don’s pass 50% in both suburbs. The percentage of using apartments are 42% and 46%

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