Compare how the theme of childhood is presented in the poems Half Past Two and Hide and Seek

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Siham Shaddad

A Doll’s House

Henrik Ibsen wrote the script of the play “A Doll’s House” in 1879 and was first performed shortly later that year in Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark. The three-act play depicts and criticizes the typical role of men and women nineteenth century marriage. The play was inspired by a real-life story. The production consists of three acts with total time duration of 2 hours and 24 minutes. The production in this report is performed by the Young Vic production. The play was captured live at the Young Vic theatre in London, on 17th and 18th July 2012. Carrie Cracknel directed it. Characters

Nora Helmer
Nora Helmer is the wife of Torvalds and the mother of three children. She moved to the city from her local town where she and Kristine grew up, to marry Torvald. Nora is a doll to Torvald. Nora is the Central protagonist of the story and a great thinker (“Hasn’t a daughter the right to protect her dying father from worry and anxiety? Hasn’t a wife the right to save her husband’s life?”). Nora to the audience is a symbol of social change occurring the nineteenth century and an iconic figure in the European theatre. Torvald Helmer

Torvald Helmer is Nora’s Husband and father of three children. He suffocates but confesses to be charmed of his wife and treats her like a possession of his. Torvald works as a banker and a lawyer but has been recently promoted to manger of the bank. Torvald represent the unflinching power of the organization, the control of a capitalist patriarchy and social stasis in the nineteenth century. Torvald is seen to the audience as a puppet and a Façade of a man. Nils Krogstad

Nil Krogstad is a single father who is in depression, is an employee at the bank where Torvald had been recently promoted to manager. Nil has a reputation for...
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