Compare How the Relationship Between Man and Nature Is Shown in ‘Wind’ and ‘Spellbound’

Topics: Poetry, Wind, Rhyme Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: February 6, 2011
Compare how the relationship between man and nature is shown in ‘Wind’ and ‘Spellbound’ In his poem ‘Wind ’Ted Hughes describes a menacing storm that strikes a house in a deserted, unpopulated area and the storm's destructive effect on the land. His use of personification, similes, metaphors, alliteration, and creative imagery creates an atmosphere of danger of nature's rage that certainly changes into an atmosphere of defeat and helplessness. In contrast the poet for ‘Spellbound’ makes you think the poem is about witchcraft and is very magical. This poem uses a lot of personification to make things sound unreal and mysterious. In ‘Wind’ the image of a ‘black back gull bent like an iron bar slowly’ by the forceful wind, for instance. It shows the effect of the wind on the habitat and the occupiers. The impact of the wind is felt by small and big things. The gull’s movement is affected by the wind’s force. In contrast in ‘Spellbound’ ‘the wild winds coldly blow’ is implying wind just like the poem ‘Wind’ as well however ‘Spellbound’ shows the effect on people as it coldly blows. ‘Blow’ is a plosive sound and ‘wild wings’ is alliteration and makes it more of a menacing effect. In ‘Wind’ the image ‘booming hills’ refers to the noise coming from the hills. The choice of the word ‘booming’ is perhaps made to suggest the impact of the wind on the hills, which is obvious to the speaker from his position. However In ‘Spellbound’ the quote ‘But nothing drear can move me’ implies motion and physical effects. This is similar to ‘Wind’ as it also shows motion effects. Though this quote shows that object can’t be moved physically. In ‘Wind’ the personification ‘Wind stampeding the fields’; the word ‘stamped’ here suggests the fury of the wind and the impact on the fields is evident by the sound it makes. This is a human view and experience to show the patterns of nature. On the other hand in ‘Spellbound’ the personification ‘The giant trees are bending’ makes you feel...
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