Compare-Cotrast Text

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Compare/Contrast text
Those students who study English Language and the culture of Great Britain are well aware of such famous universities as Oxford and Cambridge. Both of them are deservedly considered kind of etalons in higher education and are often mentioned together as Oxbridge. Although Yanka Kupala State University is not the last in a raw of Belarusian higher educational establishments its fame is rather modest so far. It can be different to compare these universities due to the great differences between the two countries and between two historically and culturally different educational models. But, nevertheless, there are some similarities, which, to be honest, in a surprisingly paradoxical way bring more differences. Historically Oxbridge is much older than GrSU and played a great role in the history of the United Kingdom. Our university also left a few marks in the history of our country. Historicists can tell more about these marks. So let us leave this to them and just add that the scale of historical influence will be the same as the scale of fame. The pride of any university is in its scientists, its lecturers, and of course in its graduates. Oxbridge is ‘alma mater’ for a great number of genial scientists, important statesmen, prosperous businessmen. Yanka Kupala University also played a big role in lives of many world-famous people. A quick research showed that most of them are sportsmen. Without any doubt students are a big part of a university. They are eager to learn, optimistic, full of power to change the world. Kupala’s students are good too. They are clever, talented. They lack optimism a little but the compensate this with their ability to stand up to all the surprises that our Ministry of Education drops on their heads each year. It is obvious that a living in a particular country influences its universities we try to compare, and influences the one who compares. May be this essay doesn’t reveals those similarities and differences it...
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