Compare Contrast Vacation Types

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Where to Go on Vacation: The Beach or the City
It is a fact that not all the people have the opportunity to go on vacation. The ones who have the facilities like to go out of town once in a while in order to leave their worries behind. When most people go on vacation, they have to decide the best place to go according to what they have in mind. There are a number of things one must consider before deciding between vacation at a beach or in a city. To decide what the best choice is one must look at the kinds of activities, the clothing required and the pace of life available while vacationing on the beach or in the city.The first major difference between vacationing on the beach or in a city is the kind of activities one is able to do. On the beach, for example, one can go sailing, fishing, surfing, skiing, or take advantage of the sun and lie in the sand to get tan. (Beach Activities) However, some people like more of an adventure on a beach vacation. To be more adventurous, one may like to feed sharks or swim with dolphins. “Feeding the sharks can be a dangerous activity unless it is properly handled on an excursion trip” (Michaels). On the other hand, in a city one can visit different sites such as museums, theaters, important buildings, downtown, among other things. (Travel City) This means that one must have many places to know and one will need much more time and organization in a city than on the beach. Not only are their differences in the activities one can do at a beach or the city, but the clothing and equipment is different as well.Another difference between vacationing on the beach or in a city is the clothing and equipment one needs to take with them. If one decides to go to the beach, one will have to take mainly a bathing suit, shorts, short-sleeve shirts, sandals, sunglasses, goggles, and sun block. (Beach Activities) One should remember that the weather can quickly change while being at the beach. “Because the weather can...

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