Compare/ contrast two restaurants

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Jacqueline Aguirre
February 11, 2014
English 0310
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Local Restaurants: ‘’Banderas’’ Vs. ‘’La Gorda’’ Eating is considered as the third pleasure in the world, which it carries many demands and expectations. The society seeks mostly restaurants abundant with delectable taste and economical prices. ‘'Banderas’' and ‘'La Gorda’' is where people compare and contrast to know which the best is. Even though both are Mexican restaurants, they have different contrast. "La Gorda" is considered best by their incomparable flavor in each saucer on the menu and prices appropriate which makes it considerable for any person. In my opinion, I believe in this. First, ‘'Banderas'’ is a local business in a little town called Clint. Its goal is to prepare Mexican entrees such as many in the city, "La Gorda" shares the same goal. '’Banderas’' menu contains ‘’burritos’’, ‘’huevos Rancheros’’, ‘’tortas’’ and hamburgers mostly recognized. Society itself wants more variety in food, especially in United States when people want to eat something new and different every day like “McDonalds”, “Taco Bell” or any other commercial fast food restaurant. For example, people can cook ‘’Bandera’s’’ menu at the comfort of their homes, in some cases it’s found cheaper and saves the customer service (tip). These examples show that ‘’Banderas’’ has a lack of variety in food who result in a not-very-attractive place to go and eat. Second, ‘’La Gorda’’ is a local business too, located in the city of El Paso, a fairly large city compared to ‘’Bandera’s" location in Clint. ‘’La Gorda’s’’ menu contains a large variety of food and fresh waters such as, the famous and delicious ‘’comidas Corridas’’ which is a small ‘’caldo de res’’ and a small portion of any traditional Mexican entrees, ‘’tortas’’,‘’burritos’’ and hamurgers according to costumer taste, ‘’enchiladas’’, ‘’flautas’’ among a list without end. The flavor of all the food is great in...
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