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Compare & Contrast Sports and Spectator

By beanws23 Dec 01, 2008 600 Words
There is nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon then sit down and watch the football game.

It does not even have to be football. Fighting is what I love watching. There is just something about the

enjoyment of watching sports in the most comfortable clothes you can find better than anything else.

Watching sports has been mans favorite past time for years. A true sports fan can enjoy

everything about the game. From the watching to the pre-show to the after game celebration. There is

nothing that is not cherished about watching the game. Not only do you get to watch your favorite sport

but you get to eat your favorite foods too. Who does not love eating all those goodies that are not so

good for you. Nachos, grinders, buffalo wings; do any of these sound familiar? If they do then you

know exactly what I am talking about.

Most of the time your not gonna watch the game by your self either. You are gonna call all

of your friends over to watch the game with you. I do not care if you have no time through out your

week. You make time to watch the game with your friends. It is just something that is all around a

fun thing to do. Even if you are losing.

The dreams of every sports fan is to actually, play the sports. I mean that is why they are fans

right? The live for the team and players that they wish they could play for. So why would they not

wanna play the sports?

Maybe for some of the players, it is the exact opposite. Most of these players used to be the fans

and now they can not enjoy like they used to.

If you play a sport you usually follow the professional league of that sport. That is until you

yourself become professional. Once you become pro, your sunday with the guys becomes a whole

different bunch of guys. Usually that wanna hurt you.

I would have to say the biggest difference between playing sports and watching sports is

just preference. Are you the person that wants to root and cheer and have a good time watching

the game. Or are you the person that wants to be famous and have everyones eyes on them.

They both have there pros and cons but besides the millions of dollars you make playing sports

I would have to say they are pretty even. Everyone wants to be the center of attention at times but

all the time can be too much. These famous athletes wish they were “normal” sometimes. I am sure

they wish they were at home with there families on thanksgiving eating the best food in the world

and watching awesome games. But instead they are playing a game in the cold getting hit by massive

people. But the guy who is home on his LA-Z-BOY with his pants unbuckled cause he ate to much

is probably sleeping from eating to much turkey and dreaming about catching the winning touchdown

pass from Tom Brady, hearing everyone cheer your name.

To some people money, fame, fortune and anything else that comes along with being a

professional athlete is not enough to be away from family, friends, and good times. Because no

matter how amazing it would be to be the next Randy Moss. Professional sports is just that, a

profession. And when something that is so much fun becomes a job. I am sure it takes most of the

fun out of it.

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