Compare/Contrast "Speak" and "I Fight Like a Girl"

Topics: Abuse, Debut albums, 2002 albums Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: August 4, 2012
"Victim", what is a victim? Webster’s definition of a victim is "one that is prayed upon and usually affected by a force or agent." my definition of victim is someone who has had a terrible thing happen to them. By both my and Webster’s definition both the narrator from the poem "I fight like a girl" and Malinda from the book "speak" are victims. Both in the poem and in the book the narrators/main characters go thru a lot and at some point reach the point when they are finally ready to fight back and stand up for themselves. The poem "I fight like a girl and the book "speak" are alike because the main characters or narrators were both raped. I know this because in the third line of the poem it says "a girl who is tired of being RAPED " and in the book when Malinda finally comes to cope with the fact that she is raped at the end she says "there is no avoiding it, Andy Evans raped me in August when I was too young and drunk to understand it. it is not my fault." the book and the poem are different because in the poem she is ready to fight back from the beginning and in the book it takes a lot of time and coping with what happened to her before she was able to fight back and stand up for herself.Both in the poem and in the book the main characters or narrators were victimized. In speak Malinda was victimized in more than one way for one she was raped. For two she was made fun of for being an outcast I know this because at the pep rally that heather from Ohio made her go to she was pushed down the bleachers and teased. For three she was repeatedly psychologically victimized by her rapist Andy Evans it says in the book that whenever they where inside of in school suspension when the teacher left he blew in her ear which was just a way of making her uncomfortable and also when she was eating lunch with the Martha’s he came over there to make her feel bad. Also just like the narrator from “I fight like a girl”...
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