Compare & Contrast Renaissance Time Period

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Religion today is radical. You are expected to believe in one religion and sacrifice yourself completely to it. Some religions protest certain types of people, saying God hates them. But if God created everyone and everything, then how could He hate anything? I see Puritanism and Rationalism in American society today by the way people protest anyone different and also by their need to help other people.

Some people become so radical with their religion that they protest certain people with signs. While I was in Vegas one time, there were people holding up signs saying "God Hates..." and had a list of kinds of people that God hates. I had a few of those traits so I guess God hates me too. I identify this with Puritanism becasue they believed that the world was fallen and that people were sinners. I don't believe you're born evil.

There are some religions that go door-to-door asking to do favors. Sure they want you to convert to their religion but you're not forced. My Grandpa is regularly visited by a Jahovah Witness who offers to lend a hand but already knows that he won't be swayed. I like the rationalism belief that the universe is good and to help others is to help yourself.

Some religions think that to be radical helps make a difference but I don't think so. In my opinion, if there is a God then He should love everyone because we are His children. I respect the different religions and find their beliefs interesting but there is such a thing as crossing the line.
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