Compare/Contrast Pharagraph on Two Pictures

Topics: Color, Light, Red Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: March 13, 2011


|Text Aspects |Example |Explanation | |Symbolism |Red umbrella |The red umbrella represents the love they | | | |share for each other | | | |The color associated with love is red | |Color vs. Black and white |The dark colors contrasting with the red |They grey around them contrasts with the | | |umbrella |red umbrella they are under representing | | | |how they are in love and together and | | | |separated from the rest of the world | |Symbolism |The sun |The sun looks like a path between them, | | | |which represents that they have a path | | | |together to follow and that they will be | | | |together longer until the day they die | | | |Also them being an old couple gives the | | | |idea that through all...
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