Compare/Contrast Native Americans/ Black Africans

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Indigenous peoples, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: August 15, 2010
While separated by thousands of miles of open water, the indigenous peoples of the continents of Africa and North America bear many similar as well as dissimilar in many different aspects. For example, the Europeans ushered an era of war upon their homelands. In addition, Europeans also denounced most of their culture, traditions, and practices as inferior to those of Europeans. For example, their religions and cultures were considered inferior so they were Christianized and westernized, respectively.

Traditionally, both the Sub-Saharan and Native American religions bear similar characteristics. For example, they both believe in the idea of a creator god with supporting, lesser gods. In addition, both cultures believe in animism and the importance of a burial, burial rites, and rituals. Also, within these rituals, both cultures stressed the importance of music: since neither culture had a written language until the advent of Islam or the Europeans, music was the usually the only way to communicate with their ancestors. Animism is a common concept among both religions. It is believed that nature had living spirit that could be communicated with. Both religions believed these spirits are able to help or harm, and therefore they should worship them. The attitude of the Native Americans toward nature is respectful, because they have to be respectful to the Supreme Being. They seek to live in harmony with nature. They believe that the earth, the sky, and the waters have a life force similar to that of humans. These forces could be helpful or harmful. Native Africans also believe these forces have a direct influence on human life, but unlike Native Americans, they try to understand the spirits and seek their favors by prayer, flattery, and sacrifice. The native African and Americans treat their departed differently but with great respect. The natives feared the dead because they believed that their spirits would remain in the house, haunt their dreams, and even take...
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