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Compare/Contrast My Two Favorite Places

By Cummingsmegan12 Feb 26, 2013 442 Words
My two favorite places

Everyone has their secret special places that they go to or places just to simply get away or look for advice at every once and a while. I am not anyway different than anyone else, as I also have some very secret places where I go when I need privacy or just seeking much needed advice.

One of my places is the lake in the wintertime. There I can escape from the everyday mess and can think more rationally or just simply soul search. The lake is located approximently 45 minutes from my house; it has a beautiful view as well as total silence in the winter. The lake water is some of the bluest I have ever seen and the choppiest in the wintertime.

I visit the lake in the winter due to the fact that it is not bust with the energy of all the people that come during all the other months. I go to mostly just to get away form the hustle and bustle of work and the city scene. The quietness is very peaceful and soothing to me. It is nice to just hear the waves hitting the mountain side that surround the lake shore. I normally don’t stay very long, but just stay long enough to know there is still a great place left where I can think and reflect on myself and my thoughts.

My second place is long missed, for it is not here anymore. It was going to my great grandparents house. They were wisest people that I have came across in my life, much like people read about in storybooks or fairy tales. I could always go to them and receive wonderful answers and stories behind any question that lurked in my mind. No matter what the question may have been the answers I was given were always one hundred percent honest. This place was definatly the better of the two! As opposite as to going to the lake this place was usually loud as he was a man that talked ver loudly as well. Going to his house was somewhat a treat to me and I always walked away with the feelings I was seeking answers for. This place is missed very greatly, but not lost. It will forever be with me in my heart as long as I am here.

The second place is much better than the first, but seeing how he is no longer here anymore, the first always helps me reflect upon the second. I find myself going to the lake more often to seem at peace with a lot of things.

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