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Topics: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bridge, Eye Pages: 4 (785 words) Published: April 29, 2015
Chalonna Sanford
Professor Brown
English 101
23 October 2014

Compare & Contrast

In the painting, Brooklyn Bridge by Joseph Stella and the photo Brooklyn Bridge by Walker Evans a comparison of the two artistic figures, colors utilized, perception, painting verses film, and the mood each creates reveals that the oil on canvas that Joseph Stella is the more interesting presentation of the Brooklyn Bridge. The two artists portray the same subject in two totally different ways that change the mind and artistic finding of their audiences.

The painting and the film depict the same bridge with different artistic views. The painting by Joseph Stella uses an assortment of colors while the film by Walker Evans is black and white. The film depicts a more realistic representation of the Brooklyn Bridge, while the painting embodies a more creative aspect of the Brooklyn Bridge. The colors Stella chose to use are a variety of different shades of blue, green, yellow, white, black, purple, and red. While using colors, the artist has the ability to create an entirely imaginative illustration of their focus. When Evans chose to use a black and white Gelatin silver print depiction of the Brooklyn Bridge, he restricted his ability to create an artistic view of it because he is only able to capture exactly what is seen through the lens of the camera. Evans was able to be creative by the choice of using black and white.

The colors used in the film by Evans and the painting by Stella also create the mood of their audience. Stella uses vibrant and bright colors, which set an exciting and happy mood for the individual who is looking at it. When using bright colors, Stella was able to captivate her audience and make them feel welcome and blissful. Whenever eyes see something bright and colorful, a person’s mood can change in such a positive way. The vibrant colors chosen gave the audience the ability to see the Brooklyn Bridge in such a positive light. Evans...

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