Compare/contrast Buddhism and Judaism

Topics: Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, Jainism Pages: 4 (1413 words) Published: December 9, 2013
Michelle Madlock

Steeped in culture, rules, and traditions that go back for thousands of years, both Judaism and Buddhism provide a way of life and spiritual path for their follows. The comparison of these seemingly vastly different religions is important for numerous reasons. The main reason being that these two faiths are two of four major world religions. We also live in a very global society these days and the more we can understand and find common ground with people who initially seem different than us can really effect both world and personal relations. Judaism’s members follow their faith as a way to bring them closer to the one and only God. Buddhism, commonly referred to as the world’s oldest living religion, is a religion based on the philosophical study of nature and oneself. Two drastically differing religions that have the exact same goal: Live your life in a way that makes you deserving of the reward that waits for you after this life. What a simple idea, yet confusing. The same goal with two distinct ways in which each believe they will attain it. This paper will highlight the differences as well as similarities concerning the values each religion lives by, their idea of freedom and what it means, and what both religions feel their purpose is here on Earth. A corner stone for each religion and it's followers is its set of values and beliefs, providing structure to their faith and way life. Judaism is a religion that is indebted to God, the creator, and focuses on laws and customs to show devotion. By following the Ten Commandments and the 613 Mitzvots, Jews are bringing themselves to God. The Mitzvots are regulations to live by, primarily concerning the individual. It is a thick rule book of 248 do’s and 365 do not’s that Judaism’s followers focus on. From the synagogue, religious preparations, attire, life happenings, food, and more. All aspects of life are considered and guidelines for each are set forth. It is through...
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