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Topics: Lil Wayne, Rapping, Young Money Entertainment Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: April 5, 2012
ENC 1101 3/14/12
Lil Wayne Vs. Drake

Music is something that everyone loves and some people go to music to calm themselves down when their stressed, angry, sad, or happy just in general. Personally, I listen to a lot of music, so I’m choosing Lil Wayne vs. Drake.

Lil Wayne thinks of himself as the “Best rapper alive”; & yet he is known to be one of the best rappers according to magazines, record sales, and etc. Lil Wayne is also in charge of Young Money Entertainment which is an American record label founded by rapper Lil Wayne. Drake is also rising to the top very quickly, but Drake is a part of Young Money Entertainment also. They both are featured in each other’s song and a lot of people love them rapping together. They both rap about similar things such as, fame, drugs, money, cars, and women; however even though they rap about similar things. They have completely different ways of saying it.

Wayne is more outspoken I’d say and he is more straight forward with whatever message he’s trying to prove to you. Drake makes you think a little more about whatever message he’s trying to deliver. I actually like how drake phrases some of the things he says. Wayne focuses on his analogies more I believe when he raps, verses drake focuses on more just getting the message out. Wayne uses his imagination when he raps, but drake actually paints the picture. I’d say that Drake has 2 sides to him; he has the rap side and he has the singing side. Drake is known for connecting with women through his songs, words, his real life problems, and his voice that almost every girl loves. Drake is more open when he raps and he explains to you how girls have broke his heart, how he’s had people doubt him in life and his music career, and he isn’t afraid to admit that sometimes life hurts. He makes you feel like he too has been in the same situation like he’s actually felt pain like normal people without millions of dollars do. Lil Wayne will talk about something...
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