Compare Contrast

Topics: Thought, Psychology, Mind Pages: 4 (1155 words) Published: December 16, 2014
Taylor Thompson
Sara Rufner
PRPE 108
October 7, 2014
Compare Contrast Essay
Being Open Minded vs. Being Closed Minded
One of my favorite personality traits and the trait I get the most compliments on is how open minded I am to new objective or things that I don’t really know much about. I like to try out new things whether that means going to new places to eat, going to new places around Alaska, trying out new makeup, anything. I have always been a very open minded person and that’s one of my favorite things about myself.

Being open minded helps you create new friendships in completely different friend groups. I do have a lot of friends and it is mainly because of that. I have such a wide variety of friends, from the typical popular people to the Alaska granolas. I get along with all of the well too, there are certain groups that I like to spend more time with than others but I am always down to hangout with everyone. Whereas if you are a closed minded person, you probably aren’t going to have to many friends or people who want to spend time with you because you’ll never want to try anything new. Doing the same thing everyday gets boring and old very fast, why live a boring life when there is so much to explore and find out about you and where you live. When you aren’t open to new ideas or trying new things, you miss out on opportunities, some which could be life changing even. You also aren’t going to get invited to do many things because you aren’t going to want to do what other will.

A few of the negative things that I can see being an open minded person is that you could get yourself in trouble with the law or possibly your parents depending on the situation. It could also cause you to try some drug, which you could get you addicted to it after you have done it only once. I have a few friends who have been addicted to certain drugs because they were open minded to offer of trying it and they ended up liking it a lot more than they thought they...
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