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"Hello? It's For You"
With the growing popularity of cellular phones, it would seem that land lines have developed shortcomings in the modern world. For many decades, the evolution of telephone communication has burst into the lives of millions around the world, and with increasing technology, the cell phone is now a very common item found in the pockets, purses, and hands of nearly any random person. However, the home phone is still widely used today. Assuming both cell phones and land phones are judged strictly on the basis of sharing a conversation across a vast distance, three topics should be observed to demonstrate the superior choice: cost, reliability, and convenience.

The booming cell phone market is evident in television commercials, mailed advertisements, and sponsorships in major events such as NASCAR or concerts. Which company to side with is a personal option but the cost of owning a cell phone is virtually the same with any service provider. A standard package that fits the basic needs of making a call is rather inexpensive. Also, most companies provide unlimited calling times and long distance charges are a thing of the past. Although options and accessories can add up quickly, a cell phone for local and long distance calling is quite affordable. As with the cell phone, the traditional land phone has several options as to the service provider. A basic home phone is cheap considering the up-front price of the cell phone. However, once the long distance charges or other additions are included, the cost of both start to level with one another.

The reliability of home phones is clearly higher than that of a cell phone. Dropped calls, low signal, and service blackouts are not issues faced with land lines. Land lines also provide a secure connection. A common issue with cell phones is the fact of radio frequencies floating across the atmosphere. Other devices have been known to pick up the signals, thus intruding a private...
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