Compare Between Everyman and Doctor Faustus Plays

Topics: God, Knowledge, Learning Pages: 4 (1264 words) Published: March 13, 2011
A play is a form of literature written by a playwright, usually consisting of scripted dialogue between characters, intended for theatrical performance rather than just reading, and I am going to introduce two plays , the first one is named Everyman play and the other one named Doctor Faustus. First, Everyman play is probably the finest and best known of the morality plays of the Middle Ages that have come down to us. Consensus of critical opinion agrees that it is a translation from the Dutch made probably toward the end of the 15th century. Its popularity in England of that day is attested to by the fact that it was printed four different times early in the 16th century. In this play The Lord God looks down on Everyman from on high. He sees that Everyman in his seeking for riches and pleasure has forgotten God and He is much displeased. He calls His messenger, Death, and bids him take to Everyman the message that he must go on a long journey; that he must prepare to make his accounting before the Almighty God. Everyman first invites Fellowship to join him in the journey of Death, Fellowship promptly declines and hastens away then Everyman next bethinks himself of his kinsmen, when the kinsmen find, however, that it is for the journey from which there is no returning that Everyman desires companionship, they beg to be excused. At last he recalls his Good Deeds. She is so weak and helpless by means of Everyman's neglect that she cannot stand. Only after Everyman is taken to Confession and does penance for his sins does Good Deeds get strength enough to accompany him. Good Deeds and Knowledge advise him to take with him on the journey Discretion, Strength, and Beauty, and, as counsellors, his Five Senses. Everyman receives the Last Sacrament and sets out on his journey with these companions. But when he actually reaches the grave, Beauty makes haste to depart and is promptly followed by Strength. At last only Knowledge and Good Deeds remain by his side. Good Deeds...
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