compare between concrete and steel

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How do concrete and steel compare in the construction of large commercial buildings? Office buildings, Hotels, Sports Complexes, and other buildings have the purpose of bringing people inside. The goal is to keep occupants comfortable and safe, while keeping the cost associated withe the construction and maintenance of the building low. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages. However, when it comes right to it, the differences between the tow materials balance themselves out . There is no truly better building material.

There are many advantages in using steel as a building material. Steel is a very structurally stable material. It is also eco-friendly and energy efficient. construction steel is recyclable with the rates of over 90 perce there’s no need to worry about the material rotting or damages caused by insects. It is very durable and can withstand most weather conditions. There’s also no need for deforestation that are harmful to the environment. Steel frame compared to wood is stronger and sturdier. It is also lighter and flame resistant. With the advancement of technology, steel can be form and bend to the user’s need. Constructing steel is faster than most materials, thus making it more cost-effective.

Though steel contains many advantages, there will always be a few disadvantages along with it. Steel may be more resistant than wood, but it can also develop molding during the winter. Since steel also contain metal material, if not treated carefully it can be toxic to the environment as well. It may also have a tendency for corrosion and rust if not maintain correctly, thus it might not be as cost effective due to constant maintenance.

Concrete can handle the compression stresses 10 times more than the tension and the most of loads in our life is compression. and its better resistance to fire. also it is a britile material which gives the advantage to make a rigid structure. and it is easy to handle over specially now there...
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