Compare and Conttrast

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, Atticus Finch Pages: 4 (1065 words) Published: September 15, 2013
General Statement – A father is a man who teaches their child right from wrong, and also teaches them with morals and respect. Thesis statement – Father figures Atticus Finch from the novel To Kill A Mockingbird written by Harper Lee, and Baptista from the play The Taming Of The Shrew written by William Shakespeare will each show the audience the relationships with their children. Atticus Finch’s relationship with his children is more open, equal and loving unlike Baptista’s relationship with his children which is more biased and he is often unaware of their actions and feelings. Areas of investigation – An examination of each man’s expectations, ability to question their children and the way they deal with difficult issues will clearly show that Atticus finch is more in favour of being a better father of the two. Paragraph Topic – Each man’s expectations

GS – Every man sets up expectations for his children or himself to motivate them to the fullest potential #1
Source A (Atticus)
Sub-topics – What’s right
Quotations – Atticus wants Jem to apologize to Mrs.Dubose when he says, “Son, I have no doubt that you’ve been annoyed by your contemporaries about me lawing for niggers, as you say, but to do something like this to a sick old lady is inexcusable” (Lee 138) Different

Transition Words – Whereas, Unlike, On the other hand
Source B – (Baptista)
Sub topics – Family Tradition
Quotations – Baptista wants Kate to marry first before Bianca, when he says, “That is, not to bestow my youngest daughter Before I have a husband for the elder” (1.1.50-51) #2
Source A – Atticus
Sub – Prevail their education
Quotations – Atticus tells Scout that she must attend school when he says to her, “sometimes it’s better to bend the law a little in special cases in your case, the law remains rigid so to school you must go” (Lee 40) Similar

Transition words – As well as, Have in common
Source B – Baptista
Sub – Prevail their education
Quotations – Baptista...
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