Compare and Contraste Essay

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Comprare and Contrast Essay

The school and the University for Me are very different. You have some advantages in one that in the other you don’t have. In both is the same, you study and graduate. I think both are difficult and for both of them you have to study and work hard to pass all the classes for your good and your future. In the university you are an adult, and treated like one. In the university you have a whole different life style and form of life. You choose your hours of study and you organize your time for study. You can choose to study from Monday through Thursday and then you work from Friday through Sunday. The hours are flexible and comfortable. You can live in the university campus if you are going to another place to study and that is a total life experience because you are living alone, you are not living with your parents. When you are living alone you cook for yourself, clean your cloth, and many other things that you mom used to do for you. In fact the university and the school have similarities. In both, you always have a teacher or a professor that make your study life as hell. That professor always is making you study more; at first sight you get mad at him and also talk bad about him, but when you get older you know that he was right and you thank him. You work hard, make friends, study, party, and many other things you do in the school that you also do in the university. On the school you do not choose your schedule. Your schedule is given by the school. In your room almost every time you are with people of your same age, you are with people grater or smallest than you only in lunch time. In conclusion, the school and the university are very different. In the school you study what they say to you, in the university you study when you want and if you want. As my mother always said to me through high school; “In university always study what you like and want, you can be trash boy, pilot, engineer, lawyer, maid, or even butler, but...
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