Compare And Contrast World War 2 And Technology In 1944

Topics: World War II, Battle of Leyte Gulf / Pages: 5 (1214 words) / Published: Apr 5th, 2017
World War II and Technology in 1944
World War II took the world by storm in 1939 when Germany first invaded Poland. It forced most of Europe to join either the axis or the allies, marking the beginning of a new era of warfare. The war raged on from 1939 to 1945, though the most impacting year was 1944. 1944 was a monumental year in the world due to the battles that turned the tide of the war and the major technological advances achieved. A few of these major battles occurred in the Pacific Theater, which was the United States’ first front of the war lasting from 1941 to 1945. Before 1944, the front was a huge nuisance for either sides. Land was constantly being taken and casualties were mounting up fast. However in 1944, the tides started
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With this in mind, the Americans decided to launch an assault on Leyte Island and the Gulf surrounding it. So “While American troops were invading Leyte Island… Japanese naval leaders decided to try to reassert their naval power in this area so close to their home islands” (“Leyte Gulf, Battle of” 2012). So the naval leaders decided to attack the United States invasion fleet by catching them off guard in the Gulf. In effect, in “the morning of October 23 the American submarines Dace and Darter spotted the huge Japanese task force and torpedoed two heavy cruisers” (“Leyte Gulf, Battle of” 2012). The Battle for Leyte Gulf had begun. The morning after the first clash, Japan ordered an attack on “the Third fleet, causing the abandonment of the light carrier Princeton (the first American carrier lost in nearly two years)” (“Leyte Gulf, Battle of” 2012). Then the very next day, Japan came up with a strategy that could be considered one of the most inhuman ideas the world had ever seen. The strategy was to have Japanese pilots fly into the American ships, intentionally killing themselves while causing massive amounts damage. These pilots were called kamikaze pilots, and their first mission was to aid the invasion fleet near the San Bernardino Strait by

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