Compare and contrast the two texts and explain which you find more effective at achieving its purpose and why copy

Topics: Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Studio DC: Almost Live Pages: 2 (939 words) Published: April 18, 2015
Compare and contrast the two texts and explain which you find more effective at achieving its purpose and why?

Both of the texts are attacking the same issue, which was the whole Miley Cyrus “incident “. Although they both counter it in very different ways, the series of letters by Sinead o’ Connor counters the situation in a very motherly tone, but with a hint of heaviness or violence and the single released from Lilly Allen is not really attacking that single situation rather the entire problem with the portraying of women in the music industry and the stereotypes of women. Personally I believe that the piece by Lilly Allen is more affective because it is in the style of a song, and this could cause a lot of people to listen to it and consciously and even subconsciously get the message, by listening to the lyrics a lot .

Sinead o’ Connor writes directly to Cyrus and makes her series of letter very public similar to Allen as she wrote a song. However an element that Allen had but not Conner was the music video. Allen’s choice of symbols in the video really did emphasize her message to the public. Such as the emphasis of the black women twerking to show image how Miley Cyrus twerked and how trewking is used to objectify women, as it concentrates on the movement of the females posterior so it’s an attention seeking move. As well normally associated with lower class women, however the way Allen uses those graphic images as a mockery of the dance by over sexualizing it, since what the ladies are doing and what Allen is singing about are very much the opposite, so its like a juxtaposition. As well in Allen’s song the word “bitch “ is repeated quite a lot this would not have been acceptable in earlier times and the word has lost its emphasis and meaning, it does not connate for the same thing anymore .The repetition of this abusive word it mirror how in modern music men call women this word all the time as if it is there name. The word has lost its meaning....
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