Compare and Contrast the Strategies of Rival Companies Microsoft and Red Hat.

Topics: Strategic planning, Strategic management, Strategy Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: July 28, 2010

Strategic thinking can be said to be the way in which people in an organization conceptualize the future for themselves and their associates. This involves changes to the ideas being conceived and relating it to an ideal future and achieving results that add value.

Strategic thinking has to go through some processes before it can materialize into reality and achieving desired results. This process involves analysis; planning; execution. According to Henry Mintzberg [1994], to formalize a strategy, one has to employ a sequence from analysis, through procedure and then action. That is to say thinking precedes action and sometimes action necessitates thinking.

Knowing the requirements and understanding strategic thinking is the start of a good analysis. This as a variable interferes with our ability because of the limited understanding of: What strategy is; how to go about it; and when to start strategic thinking. As [Thompson A.A, Strickland A.J, Gamble J.E [2010] crafting and executing strategy, McGraw-Hill ] emphasized analysis as a start for strategy.

The dynamism of our environment and society interferes with strategic thinking and analysis, as every business is dependent on it. Issues like Legislations, geographical borders, market, government policies, technology, climate are some of the factors that could affect strategic thinking analysis.

Accessibility and availability of necessary information and details can also interfere with strategic analysis. Managers need necessary data to make strategic analysis and implement successful business strategy that works or ‘achieve results’ for an organization. Lack of appropriate information could result into distorted strategic analysis that is bound to fail.

Analysis, as an understanding of what one wants, why, and how to go about achieving ones goal is very important, as it gives an insight to actualization. These help to understand the parameters that influence...
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