Compare and Contrast the Russian and Chinese Revolutions

Topics: Communism, Soviet Union, Russia Pages: 3 (762 words) Published: May 22, 2012
Nancy Fuentes
Mr. Andrews
22 May 2012
The Russian and Chinese Revolutions
The Russian and Chinese revolution both may perhaps have been no more different, each both with the establishment of two different concepts that lead to the shifting of their countries. These both experienced encounters with foreign influences and connections. The ways of the both were oddly different due to one wanting the end of interactions with the West and China who actually wanted to adopt more to their ways of the West. The Russian revolution was essentially led with two different revolutions, the February and the October Revolution. The Chinese was experiencing many revolts throughout the revolution. In the effort for the 1911 revolution of China was the intention of a creation of a democracy to give their people more freedom and improvements in economic conditions as in comparison with the Russian revolution their intent was a creation of a communist nation pushing to improve prosperity and freedom were both were troubled by severe and economic uprisings. The Russian and the Chinese revolutions were both led differently. The Russian revolution being led by two different revolutions was described as “The 1917 Russian revolution was not, as many people suppose, one well organized event in which Tsar Nicholas II was overthrown and Lenin ad the Bolsheviks took power” it was actually not organized at all though the events were based on factory workers having poor working conditions and shortage of food and wages. In response to the protests and actions Tsar announced to actually put a stop to it actually using violence, in which did not conclude to any solution. The Chinese revolution began with the growth in discontent with the imperial rule and militaristic rule which spread through the country. “Series of great political upheavals in China between 1911 and 1949 which eventually led to Communist Party rule and the establishment of the People's Republic of China.”...
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