Compare and Contrast the Private and Public Higher Education

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Compare And Contrast The Private And Public Higher Education In Malaysia People are always looking forward where to continue their study whether at a private higher education or a public higher education. Both of them have their special benefits and also have their lack about something. So, I want to compare and contrast about the private and public higher education in Malaysia. First of all, major differences between private higher education and pulic hihger education is the cost that must be paid by students. Many people assume a public higher education is cheaper than a private college because of tuition fees are reduced for state residents. But the posted “sticker price” of a private higher education is rarely the real price. If a private higher education strongly appeals to you, consider waiting for its financial aid offer before making a final decision. More often than not, private higher education offer the scholarships and grants that significantly cut your actual cost, even bringing it close to the cost of a public higher education. Public higher education cost gets trickier for out-of-state students. Public higher education are largely supported by state taxes.

The second difference is programs availability. Many private higher education do not offer as wide a range of classes and major options as public higher education do. If you are looking for a specific major, it will often be harder to find a private higher education that offers that option and once you do find that university, it may be out of state and therefore out of budget. On the other hand, large public higher education are often able to offer a wider range of subjects for you to study as well as more teachers to cover them.

And the last difference is the standard of scoring for students test. Actually, both private and public higher education in Malaysia are not the same in scoring for student’s success. For example, the students are learning the same material and taking the same...
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