Compare and Contrast the Methods Used by Hitler and Mussolini to Gain Power

Topics: Fascism, World War II, Adolf Hitler Pages: 3 (971 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Compare and contrast the methods used in the rise to and maintenance of power by Hitler and Mussolini

Mussolini and Hitler both came to power during the interwar years. Both were fascist Dictators who did not only share similar aspects of ideology but also in the way they accumulated power. This essay will examine the conditions in which both dictators were allowed to emerge and grow and will also consider the differences in particular methods and manipulations used by the two leaders and their parties to obtain power.

After world war one, both Italy and Germany suffered immensely in an economic sense. Italy as a country lacked major aspects such as raw materials, a large domestic market and an established trading system. If Italy possessed these key factors, it would not have slipped into post war recession. But Italy’s economy instability after world war one is what ultimately led to the working class of Italy to support more extremist groups such as the ‘Italian Fascist Party.’ The Italian population was faced with a 500% inflation and an increasing unemployment rate. Mussolini took advantage of this instability and used it in his favor to gain popularity among the population. As such, people were experiencing a change in mind. They vouched for a more successful leader and political system.

Similarly in Germany, world war one had caused the German economy to crumble. Due to the money spent on the war, Germany’s government was bankrupt. But it was ultimately the treaty of Versailles that caused the German people to shift to more extremist right wing party’s. After the treaty was signed, the German population felt ‘stabbed in the back’ by their government officials. The Germans still believed that they hadn’t lost the war, they would care to admit that they lost. This caused a social uproar among the people in Germany. Hitler was one of these people. The treaty resulted in the loss of agricultural land and industry, but it was in 1923 when the...
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