Compare and Contrast the Marketing Strategies of Li Ning Domestically and Internationally

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Compare and contrast the marketing strategies of Li Ning domestically and internationally

With the development of Chinese economy, sports industry has become one of the new industries in china, which has large market size and high growth rate (Qinqin, n.d.). In Chinese sports area, Li Ning brand, built by famous gymnast Li Ning (Enright, 2012), is the market leader and owns about 8000 hypostatic shops domestically (Zhang,2011). Similar to some international famous brands like Nike and Adidas, Li Ning intends to enhance influence by exploring international market (Sauer, 2012). For this reason, the essay will compare and contrast the marketing strategies of Li Ning domestically and internationally. A close look at the sources available, it seems that the topic could be analyzed from the internal aspect such as sales methods, promotion and the external aspect such as consumption concept and competition. The essay will compare and analyze Li Ning’s marketing strategies by the internal and external aspects’ factors.

From the internal perspective, there are two main sales strategies should be considered as follows: sales methods and promotion. In regard to sales methods, Li Ning implements entity sales and e-commerce sales at home and abroad simultaneously (Anon, 2011a, Voight, 2012 and Zhang, 2011). Nevertheless, the focus of sales methods might be different considering the contrasting name reputation domestically and internationally. Li Ning, named after china’s gold-medaling gymnast, is very famous in china, especially after the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing (Enright, 2012). As typical local brand with high name reputation, Li Ning chooses entity sales as its main way of sale domestically and there are almost 8000 hypostatic shops in china (Zhang, 2011). Whereas the name Li Ning perhaps unfamiliar in the West. For instance, the marketing firm tested the brand with U.S. customers and the result shows that brand awareness was almost 0% (Enright, 2012). Rather than seeing it as a bad thing, Li Ning sees it as a launch point to “upgrade the brand image and win recognition from consumers” (Zhang, 2011). What is why “Li-Ning is planning to concentrate on the new online portal before opening more brick-and-mortar stores” in U.S. market (Anon, 2011a). In order to achieve more name reputation and higher sales, Li Ning fixes much attention on another sales strategy, promotion, as well. Both foreign and domestic, Li Ning has been paying much attention to Olympic Games and sports super stars (Anon, 2011b and Sauer, 2012). At home, since 1992 in Barcelona, China’s Olympic terms have chosen Li Ning as a fixture and the brand still counts on gold-medal terms such as Chinese ping pong, shooting gymnastics and badminton teams (Anon, 2011b). Overseas, Li Ning was the 30th Olympic Games sponsorship in 2012 (Sauer, 2012) and invited NBA All-Star teams players to speak for it (Anon, 2011b). Moreover, according to different national culture, Li Ning even used different slogans to appeal to the nationalist fervor. For instance, where the word “you” was used by Nike in America, Li Ning chose the slogan “we can” domestically and “the moment” for international audience (Anon, 2011b).

On the other hand, in external aspect, Li Ning has taken a series of measures to deal with two social problems: target groups and fierce competition (Anon, 2011a, Ranasinghe, 2012 and Zhang, 2011). With the rapid development of internationalization, various views on Chinese goods have been published. In china, instead of praising highly local brand, Chinese customers are worried about the Chinese sports brand’s store quality is not equal to the brand's quantity (Zhang, 2011), preferring internationally famous brands like Nike and Adidas (Ranadinghe, 2012) and transforming the cost from sports to food and beverage (Ranasinghe, 2012). On abroad, although some older consumers usually think of China-made products as fakes or knockoffs, younger consumers do...

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