Compare and contrast the main principles in psychoanalysis therapy and behavior therapy.

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Essay title: Compare and contrast the main principles in psychoanalysis therapy and behavior therapy. Introduction:
In generally, the majority of people are experienced in any condition of anxiety and depression as part of their life. Good mental health is defined as a person whose ability to satisfy in any condition as well as sustain his/her brain’s health in good relationships to others. (Grohol, 2008) However, Kendra Cherry (2010) educator also indicated that social contact must be needed in order to maintain their life balance.(p5-8) Undeniably, too many emotions have been brought about a huge amount of mental health problem which caused a very moody. The aim of this essay is to focus on the principles of mental health problem in psychoanalysis and behavior therapy, comparing these two therapies in detail. The main argument of this essay is to evaluate these two therapies whether they are effective or not. Main Body:

Psychoanalysis therapy:
According to Anthony Elliott (1995), ‘The relevance and importance of psychoanalysis is to concern the proliferation of approaches in social-theoretical thinking and the concept of physical health problem as it related in this essay.(p.5) Simply, psychoanalysis therapy is tend to release repressed emotions including addiction, anxiety and depression which used to treat and relax patient’s mind. To clarify human psyche of psychoanalysis therapy, psychoanalysis seems to be focused on early childhood. Steps in integration

According to the book ‘Psychoanalysis, Literature and War’ (Steiner , 1997: 64-69), psychoanalytical process is likely to be reflected in early infantile development. For the psychological perspective, scientists discovered that the early infantile object relationships tend to influence deeply the whole of psychological work. For instance, when the happen to people during childhood could be affected later act as adults. Obviously, psychoanalytic therapy is made as a treatment which solve the conflicts between unconscious and conscious mind.In short, frequently, psychoanalysis therapy is tend to be clarified as a treatment to look how the unconscious influence the human’s thoughts and behaviors, especially during the early childhood experience. Behavior therapy

Behavior therapy also can be involved as a treatment which is focused on the idea we learn from the environment as well as influenced by observing the behaviors of others. Generally, the majority of people who have anxiety disorder, phobias and depression due to their behavior changes. These symptoms are likely happened because the behaviour change to emerge any problems which caused by the systematic desensitization. Behavior therapy of personality

According to the book ‘Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’ (Lawrance, 2002) demonstrated that a type of techniques: respondent conditioning, operant conditioning and social learning are relied on the principles of operant conditioning. For example, teachers utilize punishment to attempt or alter students’ behaviour. Moreover, a child who finishes his works will get as a reward to go to the park. This practices mean that whether it is punishment or reward, reinforcement could be used to strengthen, develop or enhance behaviour. Moreover, behavior therapy also is likely to about observation. Observational learning basically refers to a type of processes. According to Art Markman (2013), ‘Attentional process is the act of perceiving or watching and learning from others.’ When people focus on goals and actions, the process is tend to allow for those who want to achieve that goal. Simply, the behavior would be reflected person’s actions across situation automatically. The another main process is retention process which refers to memorizing that has been observed. For the positive perspective, in order to achieve the goal, it is important that the person participants in the process actively rather than being a passive spectator. Obviously, behavior therapy is...
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