Compare and contrast the creation myths

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Compare and contrast the creation myths of the
Tiahuanaco and the Mayan cultures
T. Sean Woodall
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Dr. Ambronita Douzart

Compare and contrast the creation myths of the
Tiahuanaco and the Mayan cultures
Two native cultures, although separated by almost 3,000 miles, have many similarities in their creation myths. Although there is no known connection between these two cultures prior to the creation of these myths, the similarity has to be acknowledged. These similarities and the differences are further discussed below and beg the question, how were the myths created and why? Tiahuanaco Creation Myth

The Tiahuanaco creation myth begins with Lord Con Ticci Viracocha emerging from the void and creating the earth and the heavens. He then created animals and a race of giants to fill the earth. These creatures quickly angered the god and he caused a massive flood that killed everyone. Once he was sure his original creations were dead, he took his time and began creating anew. He created animals first and separated them into different types and different areas and then he began creating man. He molded them out of stone and painted them, even including the style of clothes they would wear. He separated them as well and placed them in different regions (Rosenberg, 2011). Mayan Creation Myth

The Mayan creation myth begins with only the sky and the sea. Nothing else existed except the sky, the sea and the creators. The creators then spoke the world into being much like the Christian creation myth, however in the Mayan myth the creators lived under the sea and there were more than one god. The creators started with the earth, and after they created it they deemed it perfect. Then they created animals, which they also deemed perfect. However, they wanted someone to praise them and the animals could not speak, so they decided to create a new being that would rule over the animals and would praise the creators. They tried...

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